Sleeping with a Lion!!!!

After you watch the video, link below, take a look at the website Wildlife Conservation Research Unit see all the great work Dr. Amy Dickman is doing to save large carnivores. Here she is in her own words.
“I run a team of over 50 people (almost all Tanzanians), and we conduct ecological research into large carnivores across the Ruaha landscape, and develop and implement cutting-edge conflict mitigation strategies. We were the first project to trial the use of specialised Anatolian Shepherd livestock guarding dogs in East Africa, and we use a variety of approaches to reduce carnivore attacks and provide community benefits from the presence of carnivores and other wildlife. The Ruaha area used to have an extremely high rate of lion killing, but we have seen a significant decline in both carnivore attacks and retaliatory killings in the core study area, so are now focused on continuing and expanding our work.
I am a member of the African Lion Working Group, the IUCN Cat Specialist Group, a founding member of the Pride Lion Conservation Alliance, a National Geographic Explorer and have published over 45 articles and book chapters on large carnivore conservation. I helped create the Global Cheetah Action Plan, the Regional Conservation Strategies for cheetahs and African wild dogs in Eastern and Southern Africa, and National Action Plans for cheetahs and other carnivores in Kenya, Tanzania and Southern Sudan. I was fortunate enough to be awarded the 2011 Rabinowitz-Kaplan Award for the Next Generation in Wild Cat Conservation, and be a finalist for the 2014 Tusk Conservation Award – a brief overview of the project made for the Tusk Award can be found here .

The National Geographic lead says it all. We’ve heard some “crazy stories” here at National Geographic—everything from a polar bear that shredded an occupied tent to a livid elephant that nearly gored a man. None so terrifying, however, than big cat biologist Amy Dickman’s lion encounter … but maybe not in the way you might think.


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