Borneo Bearded Pig

Please, before you go to sleep tonight, think of ways you can reach out and help all the creatures out there—–humans as well.
Education, preservation, conservation are the keys to protecting all of our friends, including us, for future generations.
If you see any of these friends on your travels give them a hug. Well, perhaps not all of them… 

                                              A bit about our Pig pals
                Head and body length: 137-152 cm (males), 122-148 cm (females)
                Shoulder height: 70-90 cm
                Tail length: 17-26 cm
               Adult weight: 57-83 kg, up to 120 kg (rarely 200 kg)

“Bearded pigs are large and long-legged pigs; males are only slightly larger than females. The sparsely-haired body is generally pale gray in appearance, but the color may vary from reddish-brown, dark brown, or very pale depending on location and individual condition. The tail has a distinctive tuft comprised of two rows of bristly hair. The face is elongated, and there is a “beard” of coarse, bushy hairs on the bridge of the nose and cheeks. The beard is more pronounced in males, with hairs up to 15 cm long. The whitish color of the beard (often yellow- or silver-tinted) is intensified by dark skin between the beard and the nasal disc and around the eyes. Males develop two pairs of facial warts, but these are small and hidden within the beard; they are absent in females. Both sexes have sharp tusks which may grow to 25 cm long in males. The ears are small and pointed…”

So, if you run into one of these critters be kind to them.

To support our Animal Protection projects, or to donate towards our endangered species project see these links: Universal Giving ,  PayPal Giving Fund 
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