Saying Goodbye…

The Homeless Remembrance Project “Leaves of Remembrance Dedication” took place this afternoon at the Lake City mini park in Seattle.
The new leaves honor the lives of Norman Averill, Jr., Marco Stokes, Jesse Vestal, Christen Beaty and Paul Bernard Dehesse. Seattle is unique in the country in having public places of gathering, beauty and art to remember and honor homeless people who’ve died in our community.
Since 2003 bronze leaves, with names, have been embedded in sidewalks across the city. As of todays date 265 leaves in 14 locations have been placed.
Photos include Melanie & Jonathan Neufeld, Ministers at the Seattle Mennonite church, Zack saying goodbye to his friend and Jonathan Neufeld chatting with activist for the homeless Sally Kinney.
In a long held tradition within the Jewish faith stones are placed on graves and markers to remember that the particular soul has returned home.
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See our website Let Kids Be Kids. org for more information on our
“Advocacy for those Seeking a Voice.”

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