Lenore Goldschmidt Defied Hitler

Lenore Goldschmidt was an amazing person who stood up to the full horror of what was going on around her in Berlin.
Considering some things people say in today’s news we need more people to learn from people like her on how to stand up, outwit, out smart the bullies pushing evil ideas.


Berlin 1934
The Nazi party is on the rise, and so are violent acts against Jews. Anti Semitism has become a state doctrine and racism has replaced education, profoundly affecting the most vulnerable members of the Jewish community: the children. But one woman dared to stand up to hatred and to Adolf Hitler’s totalitarian regime. Witness the story of Leonore Goldschmidt, a fired teacher who found a loophole in Nazi law and opened the Goldschmidt School, a sanctuary for hundreds of Jewish youths, an oasis in the heart of hell.



Screenshot_2020-02-24 The Teacher Who Defied Hitler(2).png




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