Oo-roo is an Aboriginal word meaning “See you.” 

“…The specter of restored passport control checkpoints and customs at the border with Northern Ireland is contemplated with horror by people here who remember the delays and inefficiencies that the border used to cause in the old days…” From a speech delivered by a Member of the Dáil

Brexit is rapidly changing traditional European relationships. In the middle of these swirling seas, Jack and Mick are tasked with investigating the security of the Republic of Ireland and the United Kingdom, as opportunists look to gain citizenship and set up illegal ventures anywhere they can find a crack in the shield.

These are the same characters that shared their “Life in the Shadows” in #2 Molesworth Street, Under the Spider Tree, Slaughterhouse Creek, A Day Without Stars, and Beyond the Black Stump.

The book can be purchased on Lulu Publishing and Barnes & Noble.
It can also be ordered through Apple Books.

Here are the first 3 reviews.

Like the mystery of the name 

Good espionage/ mystery
Like the description of Ireland, makes me want to book a ticket!
Characters are engaging and real

Great characters in a memorable adventure 

I loved the characters, the interaction, the setup and the possibilities for another story.
I read it about a week before traveling to Ireland. I visited a number of spots in the book, making the story come even more alive than I could have imagined. I have ordered Beyond the Black Stump. Thank you for the adventure, friendship, and love within the pages.


Thank you for an enjoyable read.

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