Let Kids Be Kids, Inc.

Updated website for your perusal.

Because of the COVID 19 Pandemic, we have had to change our focus and how we manage outreach to various communities.
Our work with the American Cancer Society had to be suspended because we could no longer drive patients to their doctor appointments.
We have increased supporting and volunteering with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society with telephone outreach to patients. We are also supporting their Advocacy work to educate and persuade elected officials towards greater health care support.
Years ago we worked primarily with young people orchestrating their involvement in various community projects. Those projects ranged from kids doing community outreach from their schools to kids working with us on rebuilding their devastated, or challenged, communities.
We assisted with human survival and environmental threats in Ache, post Katrina Mississippi, Queensland, Viet Nam, Kurdistan and East Timor.
Our focus has slightly changed but our mantra “Let Kids Be Kids” underscores the freedom, creativity, purity, and potential that exists in all people.
We hope that by truly honoring those attributes, in all people, we can help make a better world.
At Let Kids Be Kids Inc. we reach out to those, including our animal community, who are looking for assistance with making their lives slightly better. Various pages and links will fully illuminate our work as we strive towards living up to our hope for all of us.

Out of respect to many we serve we do not post their photographs. The exceptions are when we have worked in a collaborative fashion on a particular project.

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