Enjoy a Great Adventure!!

“The FBI calls on consultant Amos Decker because of his near-perfect memory. So what happens when his special power fails him? Decker and his partner, Alex Jamison, are in the fracking fields of rural North Dakota to investigate a woman’s murder.

It doesn’t seem like a case for the Feds—until strange facts come to light, unearthing the victim’s shocking double life and her ties to a local air force base.

Superstar author David Baldacci really turns up the heat in this installment of his best-selling Amos Decker series, using visceral descriptions of the sweltering Great Plains summer to heighten the sense of sinister danger.

Longtime Baldacci fans will be excited to see Decker and Jamison get an unexpected assist from some fan-favorite characters from his Will Robie series, but newcomers don’t have to worry about coming into the series cold—you’ll be caught up in no time.

Follow the Memory Man on this dark adventure and discover just how bad things can get in the Badlands.” 

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