Coexisting with Carnivores

Though this program focuses on the Northwestern part of the U.S., it is applicable wherever wildlife and humans interact.
Urbanization and suburbanization are rapidly increasing in many portions of the Pacific Northwest.
As seen here and elsewhere, expanding human development and a dramatic reduction in wildlife habitat can push wildlife into growing conflict with people; their opportunities for avoiding us become more scarce.

The Living Northwest program aims to help people inhabiting urban, suburban, and rural areas better understand the needs and behaviors of local wildlife so that we can coexist safely and in harmony. Getting to know and appreciate our immediate wild neighbors can also build empathy for more remote and threatened wildlife, benefitting conservation far and wide.

We support the work of the Woodland Park Zoo through Advocacy, volunteerism, and donations.

Your purchase of one or more of these books will help.

Net Profits from “Listen, Listen To My Heart’s Song,”  “Atreus’s View From a Tent,” and “Friends”, exclusively on Apple Books will be contributed to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, the American Cancer Society,  and the Woodland Park Zoo for their Conservation programs.
Books available in print and ePub on Amazon.

Photo: National Geographic

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