Its the small things that count…

“Thank you for all the cd’s you left here the other day. Fortunately, I saw you drop them off giving me the opportunity to go through the stack before anyone else got a shot.  

What a joy to find The Three Tenors and Pavarotti’s last compilation. 

I haven’t felt a wave of happiness like that in ages!!

One of my many life’s great memories is seeing Pavarotti perform in the Wiener Staatsoper.

I stayed in the Hotel Sacher which is mere light years from this place.

We shared horse drawn carriage rides to the park to listen to Mozart. Bread, wine, cheese and incredible music in one of the great parks of Europe.

You’ve got to imagine that when Pavarotti gets to heaven he will be asked to step in the garden and give the Lord a song or two…

Sometimes I wonder if this is really me.

There has been a lot of tension here lately as we approach yet another move. The rumor is that we are going south of Seattle.

Anywhere is good but distance creates lots of problems for many who call this place home. 

You know, doctor’s appointments and the like.

Perhaps you and your want to do good folk should attempt to put together a predictable schedule for this wandering camp.
Consistency might reinforce a lot of positive growth that one occasionally witnesses here in camp.

We never heard why our fellow camper Michael died. 

Did you ever hear?

Thanks again for the music cd’s.



“Atreus’s View From a Tent” Chapter 8 – Copyright © 2021/2008 M.Barrett Miller – All rights reserved.
ISBN #: 9798518612112

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