Anger & a Cancer Diagnosis

Everyone is touched by cancer at some point in their lives, either as a patient or as a loved one.

Cancer Lifeline helps thousands of cancer patients build strength through our support groups, classes in nutrition, exercise, personal expression and stress reduction, and personalized emotional support.

Whether you are newly diagnosed, through treatment and looking to adjust to the new reality, or you know someone with cancer, Cancer Lifeline has services that can meet you where you are now, and help you.

Here is the link to Cancer Lifeline.

If you want to register for Coping with Cancer: Managing Anger Sponsored by Overlake Medical Center click HERE.

Call (800) 255-5505 or (206) 297-2500 Monday through Friday, 9am-5pm (PST)

Our Lifeline is a place to seek in-the-moment support for anyone touched by cancer, including patients, friends, families, or co-workers. Trained staff and volunteers are available to provide warm, non-judgmental listening, support, and information over the telephone at your convenience, Monday through Friday, 9am-5pm.

Ongoing Emotional Support

Ongoing emotional support is available over the telephone to anyone affected by cancer. Our trained staff and volunteers can arrange to provide regular times for you to talk about feelings or concerns that may come up as you navigate the cancer experience.  If you are dealing with cancer as a patient, caregiver, family member, friend or co-worker, and could benefit from free, ongoing emotional support, please call (206) 297-2500.

Cancer Lifeline volunteers are ready to listen

A cancer survivor once told Dr. Fran Lewis and her research group at the University of Washington that a cancer diagnosis “…was like a bomb dropping on our family.” Talking is a small thing, but it is often the best way to begin to sort out your feelings. Having someone available to listen is what we do best.

Cancer Lifeline volunteers are ready to listen. They come to the Lifeline with intensive training and they refresh that knowledge through in-services. They are caring and supportive listeners whether you are a recently diagnosed, in treatment, a survivor or the family member, friend or co-worker of someone living with cancer.

We do not offer medical advice or information, but our volunteers can suggest other resources to supply that. We do offer emotional support and information about non-medical issues related to cancer.

Cancer Lifeline also recognizes that no one may have the perfect answer to your questions about cancer. Our volunteers are trained to offer the support you need to begin to discover your own best answers.

Welcome to Lifeline 
Monday – Friday 9am-5pm

Lifeline Chat is an instant messaging service provided by Cancer Lifeline. Clients can connect to our network of trained Active Listeners, all of whom have experience and compassion for those living with cancer. Through this service, individuals can benefit from receiving emotional support around many cancer related issues including anxiety, isolation, stress, grief, transitions, family stressors and much more. Individuals can also ask questions about Cancer Lifeline programs & services, find supportive resources and register for classes.

This service  is available Monday – Friday 9am-5pm and can be accessed through the Cancer Lifeline website simply by clicking the green “We are here to listen” button.

If you have any questions or are experiencing any issues getting connected, please contact Blair LaFavor at or 206-832-1290.

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