Thank you for your support!

Besides volunteering, donating, and advocating for preserving our wildlife and their environments, I am donating net profits from my photo book “Friends.”
Your purchase WILL help!!

“Friends” is offered Exclusively on Apple Books.

A great deal of what I am doing with my advocacy work is to offer a voice to those who may not be able to speak up for themselves.

The purpose of this book is to share photos of many of our non-human “Friends” with a larger audience.  All photos were taken by the author

These “Friends” give us the impetus to speak up for them, our environment, and our habitat.

Net Profits from  “Friends” will be contributed to the Woodland Park Zoo for their Conservation programs. 

Woodland Park Zoo saves wildlife and inspires everyone to make conservation a priority in their lives.  See other organizations we are supporting as highlighted on our Support Us page. on our Let Kids Be Kids, Inc. website

Link to Apple Books

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