A Thank You Gift…

Thank you for buying my books.

Here is one of my favorite songs.

Roni Dalumi was born in Beersheba, Israel, and raised in its neighbouring affluent town of Omer, to Israeli-born parents of Sephardic Jewish (Libyan-Jewish and Iraqi-Jewish) descent. Until the age of 12 she studied dancing at Bat-Dor Beer Sheva Municipal Dance Centre in Beersheba. She majored in theatre at the Mekif Omer High School.

She participated in a children’s song festival Shir Nolad in 2000.

In 2010, Dalumi was enlisted to the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), and served for two years in the military band of the Education and Youth Corps.

Dalumi was the judges’ least favorite contestant after being ranked last by most of them throughout the season, especially by Gal Uchovsky. Despite this, Daloomi was saved by the audience every time and made it to the final in Eilat where she won the competition with 61% of the votes (after being ranked last by the judges once again). Daloomi is the youngest winner of the show to date, being only 17 years old at the time, and the first female to win since first season’s winner Ninet Tayeb.


When I shall die,
something of mine, something of mine
will die in you, will die in you.

When you’ll die,
something of yours, something of yours in me
will die with you, will die with you.

Because all of us, yes all of us
are all one living human tissue
and if one of us
goes from us
something dies in us –
and something, stays with him

If we’ll know, how to comfort, how to comfort
the hostility, if only we’d know.

If we’ll know, how to quiet our rage
(if we’d know how to quiet)
upon the fury of our humiliation, to say sorry.
If we’d know how to start from the beginning.

Because all of us…

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