Bosch – The Pilot

Watch the Bosch pilot—I guarantee you’ll get hooked.

I’ve seen ’em all and give all thumbs up. Loving the books as well.

Watch the Pilot on Prime.

Here is a fan’s posting on the show website:

Elegant & dignified & smart while bringing out the dark stories of gruesome murder and horrors.

The cast - right from the man Titus Welliver as in THE BOSH , to the weird criminals & sycophants (Raynard Waits played by Jason Gedrick to be the deadliest- full credit to the actor himself), not to exclude any of Edger, Billets, Irvin, Crate n Barrel - Pierce, Eleanor & Maddie, Honey Chandler and so many others- couldn't have been any better.

Above all, Bosch - possibly only could have been played by one and only - Titus Welliver - his old school charm, lack of small talk penchant, the detective, the father, the husband and above all the son, any appreciation is less only!

The slow yet smooth and crafty script while connecting the dots across the different cases at different times and people in different series with unpredictable unfolding of events, the family ties - while together or broken, the vulnerability of the cops and criminals and above all the humane nature of all the characters including Edger played by Jamie Hector & Bosch himself, I just love it! Each series I devour with utter delight and makes my wait for a newer season more difficult!

The camera-work, the sites, particularly Bosh's apartment & the view - just wow - nothing better to dream more of! I find its a real wonderful package with so much to offer.

Just hope it doesn't end any soon, Amazon, please keep it alive and rocking!!

Long Live BOSCH!!

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