Help Orangutans by how you purchase goods-

Get the App!!!

Make orangutan friendly choices with the most extensive and popular sustainable palm oil mobile shopping guide. 

Now shop with confidence that you are doing all you can to save wild species like orangutans.

Use the Sustainable Palm Oil Shopping App, produced by Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado, USA to check if the product you are about to purchase is “orangutan friendly” and RSPO certified.n friendly choices

App Details

  • The barcode scanner allows you to scan your favorite products and learn if the companies who make them are RSPO certified and committed to sustainable palm oil.
  • Use the app to select alternative products to those which are not certified by searching for a product type or ingredient in our “Quick Product Search” feature.
  • You can even contact RSPO member companies from the app to thank them and encourage them on their commitment to certified sustainable palm oil.
  • This App and barcode scanner are supported in the United States and Canada.

Get the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo APP


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