TMobile – Whats the Problem??

I spent a year in New York before heading to Moscow, USSR, in the executive offices of a Fortune 500 company headquartered in New York. One of my responsibilities was to instantly deal with any complaints addressed to the Chairman, President, or the Presidents of various divisions.
Most issues brought to the company’s attention were resolved directly by those responsible for those services.
If a complaint escalated to the executive office, we were mandated to investigate and prepare a coherent reaction within 24 hours.
No exceptions.

TMobile’s response to my letter, below, is to ignore the points I raised in the letter that put me at risk in one of their retail shops.
No calls from the Store Manager, District Manager, or Regional Manager or anyone beyond the phone call described below.
I did receive a call from a first name only gentleman on 16 September that said, among other things, was that he was working on a written response as we spoke. He told me that response had to go through a “memo review committee” before being mailed.
I know, and they know I know, that means the legal department.

As of 5 October no response.

What’s the problem with TMobile?
It is not that hard – here is what could have dashed off within minutes.
Thank you for your letter of 4 August sharing your experience in our Lake City Office.
I assure you we have taken every step to ensure our customers are treated with respect and consideration.
Thank you for being a valuable TMobile customer.
Yours sincerely

The above says nothing but does offer the minimum of recognition.


Michael Sievert
President & Chief Executive Officer
T- Mobile
12920 SE 38th
Bellevue, Washington 98006

4 August 2021

Sent to XXXX via email & Mailed from the Post Office on 4 August

Dear Mr. Sievert,
I had a constructive, courteous, and concerned conversation with XXXXX when I called your offices to share a horrific experience I had this morning at your Lake City retail office.
At a little before noon, I visited your store to have a new Sim card installed in my new Apple iPhone 12 Pro.
When I entered the store, a young lady approached me. Later I learned her name was XXX. Another employee, XXX, was just behind her. Neither wore masks. 
A third employee was helping a customer at a desk. Both he and that customer were wearing masks.
I, on the other hand, was double-masked.
As your employees approached, I asked the young lady, XXX, nearest me, if she would mind putting on a mask.
She said no, she was not going to don a mask.
At first, I thought I’d misheard and asked both of them if they would mind putting on masks. 
Both said, “no” to my request.
XXXX said, “masks bothered her facial skin, and she’d done everything that was required not to wear a mask.”
I would never share that I have Blood Cancer with a stranger, but I did as I needed to get the Sim card and get on with the day. I shared with them that many Blood Cancer patients do not develop antibodies to Covid after being fully vaccinated, and that was my situation.
Neither of them showed interest, concern, or empathy.
Even after that, both of them said they were not going to wear masks.
I said I would wait for the masked employee and spent about five minutes looking at objects in the store before XXX came out from the back wearing a mask to say he’d help me.
He was proficient in swapping out the cards. I was dying to inquire why he had refused to put on a mask and then reappeared wearing a mask. I didn’t, as the only thing I wanted to do was get out of your store as fast as humanly possible.
I won’t presume to make any recommendations to your range of options though they seem apparent to me.


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