Russians Invade Afghanistan!! They’d Never Be So Crazy!!

The Bridge, Number #3, in the series “Life in the Shadows,” is available on Amazon in print and as an ebook.

London – Helsinki – Tashkent 1978
Michael Garrett is asked by Natalie, his lover and member of French Intelligence, to travel to Tashkent to meet the Colonel she had been running for years. Her abrupt departure from Moscow and relocation to Paris has strained the management of the most strategically placed agent the French had ever developed. Neither she nor her backup can make the trip that she feels will provide vital information to the west. She reluctantly asks Michael to make the meeting.
Before he departs for Tashkent and that meeting, share his journey as he joins the Australian Secret Intelligence Service in 1972, years before the world knew the Australians had an Intelligence Service. Follow his exploits across Russia with Jack, ASIS Station Chief, and other remarkable people along the way.

Living in Moscow, travelling to Kyiv, Leningrad, Volgograd, and other cities share what life was like in the CCCP under constant watchful eyes.

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