Good News for Mountain Gorillas in Rwanda

You’ll enjoy this video.

The Woodland Park Zoo, in Seattle, actively supports the Mondika Gorilla Project.

Western lowland gorilla populations have undergone a dramatic decline in recent years and the species is currently listed as critically endangered. Commercial hunting for bushmeat, loss of habitat through increased logging activities, and diseases such as Ebola hemorrhagic fever have all had an impact on the population, persisting throughout the region.

The goal of the Mondika Gorilla Project is to enhance our knowledge of gorillas and chimpanzees residing in central Africa through long-term population monitoring and improving their conservation status. This is achieved by documenting the behavior and ecology of species populations and monitoring the densities of gorillas in the study area. The project also evaluates the effect of unnatural disturbances, such as timber exploitation and associated activities, on apes residing in the study area, which remains in an active logging concession.

Established in 1998, the Goualougo Triangle Ape Project was founded with the aim of preserving wildlife in the Congo Basin by studying the apes, the ecosystems, and the forces that threaten their survival. In 2014, the study area expanded to include the Djeke Triangle region outside the Nouabale-Ndoke National Park – resulting in the Mondika Gorilla Project.

The program is currently monitoring specific aspects of ape coexistence, forest ecology and change, and ape-human health risks. Local communities and indigenous people assist in addressing the opportunity-challenge nexus that factors significantly in the ape-human overlap that typifies ape sites in this region.


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Net Profits from this books will be given to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, The Washington Talking Book & Braille Library, The American Cancer Society, and the Woodland Park Zoo, as well as to other organizations as shown on our website

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