Your Purchase Will Help!!

Net profits from these three books, two covers shown, will be distributed to several nonprofits listed below and highlighted on our website.

“Listen, Listen to My Heart’s Song” celebrates the lives, and stories, of people I have been fortunate to know, if only for a flash of time. I have been lucky to live in several countries and travelled a great deal of the world, meeting many fascinating people.

Listen, Listen begins with my conversations with a priest I met at an AIDS conference and ends with my sharing the story of a woman who survived Bona & Auschwitz.

“Atreus’s View from a Tent”’ is a narrative revealing the complexity of living in a tent city and Atreus’s particular insights and transition out of living on the streets of Seattle.

“Friends” is a photo book of animals that underscores the importance of empathy, conservation, and honoring all our fellow creatures.

Net Profits from these books will be given to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, The Washington Talking Book & Braille Library, The American Cancer Society, and the Woodland Park Zoo, as well as to other organizations as shown on our website

All my books are available with your Kindle Unlimited subscription or through  Amazon.

“Friends” is exclusively sold through Apple Books

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