Friendly Encounter ( Video Embedded )

So you know it’s going to be a good day when you put out the warmed-up Hummingbird feeder, and a little guy hovers so close to me his right-wing is brushing my left index finger. My oh my, what a thrill.
Five seconds of out-of-body tranquility. 
21° in sunny Seattle today!!
Until it warms up, it looks like I’m stuck at home!!!
(Getty photo.) My book on animals I have met 🙂

hummingbird, any of about 320 species of small, often brightly coloured birds of the family Trochilidae, usually placed with the swifts in the order Apodiformes but sometimes separated in their own order, Trochiliformes. The brilliant, glittering colours and elaborately specialized feathers of many species (usually of the males only) led the 19th-century British naturalist John Gould to give many hummingbirds exotic common names, many of which are still in use—e.g., coquette, fairy, hill star, wood star, sapphire, topaz, sun gem, and sylph.

If you choose to leave up a winter feeder, you may be one of the lucky few that gets one of the Western Hummingbirds at your feeder. If you see one of these western hummingbirds at your feeder, reach out to Southeastern Avian Research at and they

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