An Incredible Person I am Fortunate to be able to call Friend.

PT Hirschfield is an Australian diver, oceanographer, award-winning underwater photographer and columnist for Divelog Australasia Magazine. She is a qualified Master Diver, with specialist training in Underwater Photography, Wreck Diving, Nitrox and Rescue. PT also has a certification in Underwater Navigation, but says that following her underwater would be a huge mistake! In 2010 PT was diagnosed with endometrial cancer and in 2014 was told it was incurable. PT dives because it makes her feel truly alive, and there is nothing in the world like Ocean Therapy! She has over 1400 dives to her credit and numerous photography awards, including: Winner of the AIDE underwater photo competition in 2018 and Winner of Compact Macro division of the Ocean Art Photo Competition in 2020.

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