Thank You President Biden

This benefit is just one of many that the Democrats just passed without Republican assistance that will dramatically impact Americans daily.
You may have heard the chat about financial toxicity and how doctors must be aware of all the human ramifications when prescribing budget-busting drugs.
This new bill will eliminate stress on all levels.

I am very familiar with one drug that is priced at $300,000.00 per year. Thats the cost without factoring in insurance, etc.

Always approach the drug manufacturer if your drug is super expense as often they will get it to you for free after you show need, etc.

Many people seem unaware of a major provision in the new Inflation Reduction Bill that Biden just signed into law.  

It won’t take effect immediately but by 2025 no-one on Medicare will have to pay more than $2,000 per year for meds of any sort.  

“The package (the recently-passed Inflation Reduction bill) includes an array of policies aimed at lowering the sometimes-sky-high cost of medicines for seniors on Medicare and would prevent future administrations from refusing to do so, to the ire of the pharmaceutical industry. 

The drug negotiation components are smaller than Democrats had originally sought, but some lawmakers believe the provisions crack open the door to attempting to pursue broader legislation in the future.

The bill also caps seniors’ out-of-pockets costs for drugs at $2,000 annually and imposes a $35 limit on how much they’d pay per month for insulin.” Washington Post

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