I am Confident You Will Enjoy These Adventures.

These books may be purchased on Amazon. If you area subscriber to Kindle Unlimited these titles are free to download.

Here are few reviews as posted on Amazon.

The Red House: “If you like captivating and heartwarming stories, this is a good one. I love stories with happy ending after overcoming a lot of twists. Good for Christmas!

The Bridge: “This story has an interesting combination of love, mystery, and history. It allows readers to learn about secret missions and communist Russia. Which, in my opinion, we can relate to nowadays situation in the world.”

Listen, Listen to My Heart’s Song: “M. Barrett Miller presented so many beautiful and heartfelt snippets of the life of heroes in their own communities. I hope that we would all stand up with compassion to help. I love the title which is based on a lovely heart song.”

The Red House: “A fun and adventurous page-turner that offers unique insight into Native American culture. Friends are tasked with working together to help thwart drug activity and a terrorist plot, while navigating the challenges of corrupt cops and ulterior motives.”

Oo-roo: “This book has a very interesting story. I am delighted by the characters and how this was written to be a very engaging spy story with a mix of the intricate plot. This is a good read and I enjoyed it so much.”

The Bridge: “This book reads like nonfiction to the point where I’m not convinced it isn’t a true story. It starts with a collection of plausible, fascinating anecdotes that any cold war history buff appreciate. From there, it develops into a spy thriller centered on memorable real history. Give this book a try. You won’t be disappointed.”

Beyond the Black Stump: “A pulse-pounding thriller of terrorism in Northern Ireland, threats to the Royal Family, confrontations, all leading towards just retribution.”

The Red House: “Walking Bear, Wolf Plume, Ghost Bear, et al. Could there ever be more perfect characters? I learned a great deal about people I, unfortunately, know very little about. A great read.”

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