“Finding Freedom” – Wonderful Book!!

Loved it.

Close your eyes, feel the breeze, and follow a young girl as she searches for Freedom through the beautiful landscapes and folklore of her native Ukraine.

Inspired by the resilience of the Ukrainian people to fight back against the invasion of their country, debut author and Ukrainian emigrant Maryna Kariuk brings lyrical rhymes to a powerful message that will kindle any heart.

Immerse yourself in charming illustrations by Ukrainian artist Ksenia Markevych and soar above the roaring rivers, feel the magic of the summer solstice and marvel at the boundless lands and at the spirit of those who call them home.

Maryna Kariuk is a debut author, born and raised in Ukraine. The childhood memories of her motherland, especially summers spent in the countryside with her Babusia, have always inspired her to write. She resides in California with her husband and two children.

Ksenia Markevych is a freelance illustrator based in Ukraine. She draws both digitally and using traditional media (watercolor, colored pencils, MixMedia, graphics). She cooperates with publishing houses, independent authors and magazines. She also creates illustrations for calendars, games and postcards. Ksenia’s inspiration often comes from the beauty of nature, traveling, people-watching, and constantly learning something new. Through her illustrations, she conveys lightness and movement, which adds dynamism and an inner childlike freedom to each story.

“A portion of the profits will go to Voice of Children Charitable Foundation, a Ukrainian organization that provides psychological support to children suffering from trauma of war.

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