“My” Brown Bears – Videos

I thought you might enjoy the video I shot yesterday, 19 December, of two NW Bears.

In the video, the Bear on the right is a Coastal Brown Bear from Alaska. The one on the left is a Grizzly from Montana. Both are orphans rescued by Washington Fish and Wildlife, Alaska Wildlife, and Woodland Park Zoo.

The Grizz was orphaned as folks ignored recommendations for co-habiting with Bears. Her mother returned to human garbage buffet tables, so she had to be euthanized after repeated relocations.

Her name is Fern!!

The Coastal Brown Bear was spotted wandering west of a military airfield some distance from Fairbanks. A male may have killed her mom and sibling. She was challenging to catch until one of the Alaska wildlife rangers put some Vienna Sausages in the transport enclosure.

Her name is Juniper.

They are ten months old and as you can see they love each other.

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