“Life in the Shadows”

When I completed compiling “View From the Tent,” I found that I enjoyed writing so much that I decided to tell some tales of my friends and the adventures we’ve shared.
While working on “Ice” and “Trust Kids,” I spent whatever time I could find to work on these novels.

Publication order of the series “Life in the Shadows.”

Coming Soon – Fall 2021
“The Bridge”
“Glenbrook” – Winter 2021
Oo-roo #5
Beyond the Black Stump #4

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Oo-roo is an Aboriginal word meaning ” See you. ” 

“The specter of restored passport control checkpoints and customs at the border with Northern Ireland is contemplated with horror by people here who remember the delays and inefficiencies that the border used to cause in the old days…” From a speech delivered by a Member of the Dáil.
Brexit is rapidly changing traditional European relationships.
In the middle of these swirling seas, Jack and Mick are tasked with investigating the Republic of Ireland and the United Kingdom’s security, as opportunists look to gain citizenship and set up illegal ventures anywhere they can find a crack in the shield.
These are the same characters that shared their ” Life in the Shadows ” in Beyond the Black Stump, A Day Without Stars, Slaughterhouse Creek, and  Under the Spider Tree.

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Current review – June 2021

Christopher Ogden, twice NY Times bestselling author ( Life of the Party, Maggie, Legacy, renowned correspondent, lecturer )
” …I could not put it down.”
“Good descriptions and dialogue…”
“..good job, interesting/ believable characters, great storyline. Smart writing, move along theme, incorporation of Brexit with enough detail to make it credible, but without getting bogged down.”
“…Your leavening of the tale with art and cultural references, the visits to museums and natural history sites, the focus on aboriginal/indigenous histories was all excellent value added,  I thought.”
“As for using my comments about Oo-roo: absolutely.​”

Previous novels  have told the tales of four men who work together when conventional Intelligence methods might fail. Two work for the Australian Secret Intelligence Service, one for Mi6 and one for Directorate of Military Intelligence (G2) in Ireland.  Stiúrthóireacht na Faisnéise
The books are subtitled “Life in the Shadows,” which aptly describes how each character leads a double life.
Life in the Shadows” as we all had more than one “boss” while we lived in Eastern Europe, Europe, and Australia. I’ve written these books for my friends who knocked around Eastern Europe, Europe and Australia working in service to their countries, families, and friends. They know the stories.
I hope that others will enjoy the adventure and uniqueness of locations and characters.

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