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Love the use of the word draggy😊

“This is a very fun book to get into, the start was a bit draggy but it was well worth it as the middle and end were phenomenal. The story and characters were on point. Recommended to anyone who loves crime-related books.” Masha Menefy on Amazon 11 December 2022.

Free on Kindle Unlimited.

“Through the many twists and turns, the Author managed to keep me engaged right until the end. The wait was a bit much but worth the payoff in the end. A highly engaging read. For someone with such a limited attention span, props to the Author for keeping me hooked.” Umran on Amazon

“As some of the other reviews did mention it did take a bit of time to get going but looking back that was the author setting the scene for the middle and the end of the story. Obviously I won’t be a spoiler but it was certainly worth the read, epic read in the end.” Estanzio on Amazon

“This book rockets from the “team” kicking back on the beach at Tahoe to the “lads” violently confronting those who are more than happy to destroy a pristine area of Lake Tahoe in the pursuit of making yet more money moving drugs.I loved all the Native American characters, their pride, resolve, and unwavering dedication to their people. I loved it!!”. MJB

“Walking Bear, Wolf Plume, Ghost Bear, et al. Could there ever be more perfect characters? I learned a great deal about people I, unfortunately, know very little about. A great read.” Barry“The same team from previous “Life in the Shadows” stories head to Lake Tahoe for some downtime. As they relax, they get called into action to help their friends take on some truly horrible characters.” G.McDermott

“What a wonderful story. You brought back so many vivid memories. ‘If you were in Glenbrook, Nevada, in the 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s, you will recognize many old friends. If you are new to Glenbrook, you will enjoy making new friends.’ So true!” R. Michaels, Reno, Nevada

“Absolutely love these guys…”Jack, Mick Garrett, and Henry Mahaney meet Walking Bear, Wolf Plume, and others at a Pow Wow in Washington D.C. before heading for a well-deserved vacation in Glenbrook, Nevada.
Wolf Plume, Washoe Police, officers from the Paiute Nation, the Duck Shoshone, and the Winnemucca Nation ask for their help as they enjoy their well-deserved time out of the intelligence game.
They request help to crush a significant drug operation in and through their reservations routing through various spots on the lake.
Worse, they are further informed that crooked cops are involved, as are some Indian law enforcement officers in and around the Reservations.
As they learn more about a significant shipment and a planned terrorist act to cover the movement of the drugs, the team offers their help as only they can offer if rules need to be bent.

See: Life in the Shadows

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